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Is Gardening Putting Me At Risk of Toenail Fungus?

Yes! It is well known that regular handling of moist soil, compost or manure by keen gardener’s or farmer’s increases their risk of developing unsightly nail fungus. Fungus is commonly found in our environment and especially in soil.  Fungal spores thrive in a warm, moist, dark environment.  So, your compost heap is a perfect breeding […]


Diabetes foot care

Diabetes can affect your feet in a number of ways. It can cause damage to the nerves that give feeling or sensation to your feet but also circulation. Why is it important to look after your feet, especially if you have diabetes? Diabetes can affect your feet in a number of ways.  It can cause […]

Foot Health Week 2019 FootHealthClinic

Foot Health Week 2019

Foot Health Week During Foot Health Week (October 14-20) in 2019, we are inviting you to learn more about where your feet fit in to your overall health. You may be surprised at the link between your feet, and the health of your entire body! By understanding the impact of your feet and legs on […]

foot health clinic hiking fraser island

Hiking Fraser Island

Congratulations to Foot Health Clinic community member Catherine on her recent solo hike of Fraser Island. Her six-day 99km hike included Kingfisher Bay Resort, Lake Mckenzie, Lake Wabby and the Valley of the Giants. Read more about Catherine’s adventure, what preventive measures she undertook to prevent injury and her tips for anyone looking to undertake this naturally […]


Rob Saunders (aka Scarpa Rob) summits Federation Peak in emotional journey

Rob Saunders (affectionately known as Scarpa Rob at Foot health clinic) has been our hiking boot consultant and supplier for many years. Rob is a great adventurer, climber and outdoorsman who regularly takes off into the wilderness.  Recently he has completed a successful journey to Federation Peak in Tasmania. During this trip not only did […]


Foot Strength: Building a strong foundation

Strong feet and toes are the foundation for a smooth, efficient gait, providing a stable and well-balanced base for all movements. Our foot muscles help to support the arch, keep our toes aligned and straight and help us to maintain balance on one leg. Lack of adequate foot muscle strength can contribute to the soft […]


Top Tips For Relieving Tendon Pain in Your Feet & Legs

This is a neat video summary of the 10 things NOT to do if you are experiencing tendon pain. If you’re struggling with tendon pain in your feet or legs, see our Podiatrists for expert advice on your foot posture and footwear, strengthening exercise programs, cold laser therapy for pain relief and accelerated healing times, […]

what is a black toenail

What Is A Black Toenail?

A black toenail, or subungal haematoma, occurs when blood accumulates under a toenail, causing it to appear blackened. Also known as ‘tennis toe’, subungal haematoma is caused by an excess of pressure on the toe, usually due to ill-fitting footwear. Footwear that gives rise to subungal haematoma may be either too tight, putting pressure on the […]


Should I See A Podiatrist About My Sprained Ankle?

A high percentage of athletes suffering an ankle sprain will go on to suffer a recurrent sprain, with some developing chronic instability, or multiple recurring sprains. The most common cause of this recurrence is improper diagnosis and inadequate treatment. It is important to see your podiatrist if you have or suspect you have an ankle […]


Can The Richie Brace Help Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease?

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is a rare, inherited and currently incurable neurological disorder affecting approximately 1 in 2,500 people. It is characterised by a progressive loss of muscle tissue and touch sensation across various parts of the body. The first symptom of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is usually foot drop, a gait abnormality characterised by an impaired ability to […]


Can Pregnancy Change My Feet?

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine, yes it can! Professor Neil Segal, of the University of Iowa, collected foot posture measurements from 49 women during the first trimester of their pregnancy, then again five months after childbirth. He found that, for up to 70 per cent of […]


Can Orthotics Help Me To Run?

Yes they can! If foot alignment or gait pattern are affecting your performance, prescription orthotics can help you to improve while preventing and/or treating injuries. Prescription orthotics are designed to control and/or alter the way your foot functions, so a thorough understanding of foot biomechanics and running gait is imperative to prescribing the correct device. […]


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