Patient Case Study – Podiatry & Falls Prevention

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This is an 88yo lady that recently attended foot health clinic for podiatry care, footwear & balance assessment.

Margaret (not her real name) presented to Foot Health Clinic after recently moving into the Samford area to be closer to her family. Margaret has an advanced case of 'Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction' that has led to the complete collapse of the arch of her feet. As the bridge of the feet progressively collapsed down to the ground over the years, the small joints of the feet have become arthritic and stiff causing deformed, rigid flat feet. As you can see in the video, Margaret has very poor balance and is barely able to stand upright even with the assistance of a walker. Unfortunately, she also has osteoporosis, sustaining multiple falls and fractures in the past, significantly impacting her mobility and independence. As her feet are now deformed, she is not able to find shoes that are suitable and has a pair of custom-made orthopaedic boots that were made for her. She is unable to wear the custom-made boots as she finds them heavy, cumbersome, hot and quite ugly.

Foot Posture

After our Podiatrists assessed her foot posture, standing and walking gait, postural stability and balance we prescribed some medical grade footwear that was light weight, low profile, breathable (and not so ugly) that was able to accommodate the foot deformities and orthotics and helped to make Margaret feel more stable and balanced on her feet. On review, Margaret was extremely happy with her new footwear, comfortable for all activities, wearing them every day and most importantly had not had another fall.

Aging process

We can’t avoid the ageing process but there are certainly ways that excellent podiatry care can improve the comfort, stability and mobility of your feet, minimise pain and reduce the risk of falls and injuries.
Our Podiatrists are experienced health professionals that provide expert podiatry care for all, keeping our ageing patients active, comfortable and healthy.

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