Medical Thongs For Children On School Holidays!

Thongs, flip-flops, double-pluggers, and crocs – these are popular holiday footwear styles that most kids like to slip on during the school holidays.

These styles can never offer enough support to truly be considered ‘healthy’ for kids who have foot problems.   If your child wants to wear thongs we recommend the ‘Orthaheel’ medical thong as a great ‘healthy’ alternative.

Orthaheels have a built-in orthotic footbed, offering the best arch support of any thong on the market. They are designed to complement orthotic treatment, enabling children to continue their orthotic support when not wearing their shoes. 

We love helping kids stay healthy, active and pain-free!

Orthaheel medical thongs for kids:

  • are extremely comfortable, cool and easy to slip on and off;
  • provide orthotic support for children, at times when they are not wearing their enclosed school shoes;
  • offer shock absorbing protection against hard, unforgiving surfaces;
  • provide a stable base of support for children with joint hypermobility, flat feet or poor balance;
  • have a 30 day money-back comfort guarantee.

Foot Health Clinic sells Orthaheel medical thongs in a range of children’s and adult’s sizes and in colours to suit girls and boys.  Contact us if you would like to know more about Orthaheel medical thongs for summer.

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