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Assisting Young Feet With Custom Orthotics

Orthotics, also known as orthoses, are shoe inserts that are designed to modify the position of children's feet. The goal of this is to put their feet into proper alignment with their ankles. When orthotics are worn correctly, they not only have the potential to benefit the feet and ankles but may also positively impact a child's legs, knees, hips, and lower back. The benefits may even affect other areas of the body. Properly fitted orthotics may promote healthy foot development, alleviate discomfort, improve overall positioning, and enhance mobility and well-being.

At Foot Health Clinic, we offer various forms of orthotic therapy for our young patients, depending on their needs. This may include custom-made orthotics, non-custom orthotics, and orthotic thongs. We will thoroughly assess your child's biomechanics and symptoms and recommend the most suitable options.

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Orthotic Insoles With Kids’ Needs in Mind

There are several reasons why some kids may benefit from using orthotics. Some examples include:

  • Flat Feet- Flat feet in a child typically mean the arches of their feet have not developed properly, which may lead to foot pain or discomfort, especially during physical activities. This issue can cause alignment issues and symptoms such as foot pain and fatigue. It is important to keep in mind that children naturally have flat feet until their arches begin to develop around the age of 4. By about the age of 7, full arches should be present. Orthotics aim to provide arch support and improve foot mechanics to promote a healthier gait.
  • Over Pronation - This occurs when feet roll inward excessively while walking or running, which can lead to instability, strain on the joints, and discomfort like ankle pain and aching legs. Wearing orthotics may help control the over pronation and restore a more neutral foot position.
  • Structural Abnormalities- This involves a variety of issues such as high arches, uneven leg length, and toe deformities. Orthotics may provide cushioning, arch support, and realignment to address these conditions.
  • Growth-related Issues And Medical Conditions- These may involve imbalances or alignment problems such as in-toed gait, growth plate inflammation, arthritis, Sever's disease, and Osgood-Schlatter disease. Orthotics may help support proper growth and minimise issues caused by uneven development.
  • Foot And Lower Limb Injuries- Orthotic devices may aid in injury recovery, provide shock absorption, and enhance stability during athletic activities.
  • Prevention And Enhancement- Orthotics may also reduce the risk of injuries, promote athletic performance, and aid in reducing the long-term effects of trauma injuries by providing stability and support during the healing process.
  • Heel Pain- Some forms of heel pain can be minimised with the frequent and proper use of custom orthotics.

Kids' Custom and Non-custom Orthotics

When it comes to our orthotics for children, there are two main types: custom-made and non-custom orthotics. We can assess your child’s issues, determine which option may be more suitable for them, and discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Custom Foot Orthotics
Custom-made orthotics are individually designed and fabricated to meet the specific needs of your child's feet. They are created based on a detailed assessment and measurement of their feet, which considers their unique foot structure, gait pattern, and any specific foot issues or conditions.

Non-Custom Foot Orthotics
Non-custom orthotics, also known as prefabricated, generic, or off-the-shelf orthotics, are pre-made inserts that come in various sizes and designs. They are mass-produced and available in standard sizes that may fit a range of foot shapes. Non-custom orthotics provide general support and cushioning but lack the personalised fit and tailored support of custom-made orthotics. While these may be more budget friendly, they do not provide personalised support and as such, may not deliver the benefits of custom orthotics for children and teens.

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Your child’s body may benefit from extra support as they grow and develop, which orthotics could provide. Book an appointment today to assess whether orthotics are the right treatment for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Visit Foot Health Clinic For Kids’ Orthotics?

Our dedicated team of podiatrists are experienced in assessing children’s feet and determining the best course of action for a variety of issues and concerns. We are committed to creating a low-stress and friendly environment and helping children understand what is going on, what the treatment involves, and why it is needed. We frequently see the positive benefits orthotics can have for many children, so it is important to us that they are correctly fitted and designed to a high-quality.

Paediatric Experience

Children have significantly different needs to adults when it comes to their feet and lower limbs. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in providing care to kids, including setting them up with suitable orthotics.

High-Quality Equipment 

Foot Health Clinic utilises up-to-date resources to provide reliable and comprehensive podiatry care.

Friendly and Safe Environment

We understand that healthcare settings and being fitted for footwear may be a daunting experience for children (and their accompanying adults!). Our team is passionate about creating a place in which everyone can feel comfortable and listened to.

Grow Comfortably With Children’s Orthotics

If your child is displaying issues with their feet or symptoms elsewhere in their body that may be attributed to their feet, contact our friendly team to organise an initial consultation. One of our experienced podiatrists will provide a comprehensive assessment and identify whether orthotics may be suitable for your child.


Foot Health Clinic is a Brisbane kids, family and active adventurers podiatry clinic. We are recognised Foot and Ankle Professionals.


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