Ingrown Toenail Bracing


Revolutionary treatment

Ingrown toenail bracing is a revolutionary treatment developed in the 1980s by the Institute for Orthonyxia in Erlangen, Germany.
It works in a similar way to dental braces, using a device named the VHO-Osthold Brace® to apply a slight force to the ingrown toenail to lift it away from inflamed tissues and set it on course to grow in a healthier direction.

VHO ingrown toenail bracing was introduced to Australia by Foot Health Clinic in 2006.

How is ingrown toenail bracing performed?

The VHO-Osthold Brace® is made from fine, tensioned wire and comprises two levers, which are attached to the edge of the nail, and a loop, which bridges the levers and draws them together. The wires are then trimmed and the edges covered with an artificial nail mass to protect footwear.

We perform ingrown toenail bracing in the Foot Health Clinic consultation rooms under sterile conditions. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.


Is ingrown toenail bracing painful?

Ingrown toenail bracing is a painless procedure that requires no anaesthetic, no recovery period, and eliminates the risk of infection.

In most cases, you will experience immediate relief from the pain caused by the constant pressure of your ingrown toenail on your inflamed soft tissues.

Will I need time off work or school?

One of the advantages of ingrown toenail bracing is that it allows your toenail and underlying tissues to heal while your toe is weight bearing.

This means that in most cases you will be able to resume your usual activities immediately following your toenail bracing procedure.


Will I need to change my footwear?

One of the advantages of ingrown toenail bracing is that it helps to prevent constant re-injury when your toe is inside an enclosed shoe.

This means that in most cases you will be able to resume wearing your usual footwear immediately following your toenail bracing procedure.

Is ingrown toenail bracing an option for me?

VHO ingrown toenail bracing is a viable alternative to surgery in chronic ingrown, impacted and painful nails.

Where suitable, VHO ingrown toenail bracing offers several advantages in that it:

  • requires no anaesthetic
  • requires no recovery period
  • allows you to wear your existing shoes
  • allows you to carry on with your existing activities
  • is safe for children
  • is safe for people with diabetes and perpheral arterial disease and offers immediate relief from pain in many cases

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Can an ingrown toenail recur after bracing?

Because your toenail remains intact after bracing, it is possible that the forces that initially caused it to become ingrown may cause it to become ingrown again.

We will discuss ways you can help to prevent this from happening, but your toes receive a lot of pressure, so your toenail can still be traumatised by accident.


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