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Gently moving your nail into a better position to give your skin relief.


Embracing Revolutionary Toenail Treatment

Painful nail conditions, such as ingrown toenails, can significantly impact your daily life. The constant discomfort and throbbing pain can make walking, exercising, and wearing shoes a painful and irritating experience that can worsen the situation. Many nail issues can be difficult to treat without professional assistance or the latest advancements in foot healthcare. Fortunately, we offer ingrown toenail removal as an option that can help you find relief and prevent complications.Ā 

Nail bracing is a treatment that was developed by the Institute for Orthonyxia in Erlangen, Germany. It works in a similar way to dental braces, using a device named the VHO-Osthold BraceĀ® to apply a slight force to the mishappen toenail to lift it away from inflamed tissues and set it on course to grow in a healthier direction. Foot Health Clinic introduced nail bracing to Australia in 2006, meaning we have exclusive experience in providing this service to countless patients who have seen great results.

If you are looking for a way to help your toenails heal and reduce discomfort associated with various conditions, visit us to find out if nail bracing is suitable for you.

Toenail Bracing Supports Your Nail Health

The pressure of a distorted toenail against your toe can cause skin issues due to the constant friction and irritation it creates. The continuous force on the skin surrounding the nails can lead to inflammation, pain, and even the breakdown of the skin barrier, increasing the risk of infections. It can also exacerbate existing nail conditions, such as ingrown toenails or toddler ingrown toenails, in a self-perpetuating cycle, making them more painful and difficult to manage. Proper relief and management can make a significant difference in maintaining healthy nails and preventing skin complications.

Nail bracing works on the basis that pressure on the skin underneath and surrounding the distorted nail needs to be reduced to enable healing and natural growth and recovery. The affected toenail is braced with a fine tensioned wire to gently lift the edges of the nail, which reduces its curvature. By lessening the force of the nail against the irritated skin, you are likely to feel prompt relief from the pain and your skin will have a chance to heal. It may also improve the shape of your nail, letting it grow more naturally. With nail bracing, you may become more mobile with better functionality and comfort.


The Mechanics of Nail Bracing

Toenail bracing is performed by our experienced podiatrists using the VHO-Osthold BraceĀ®, which consists of fine, tensioned wire with two levers attached to the nail's edge and a bridging loop that brings the levers together. The wires are then trimmed, and the edges are covered with an artificial nail mass to protect your footwear. This procedure is conducted in our sterile Foot Health Clinic consultation rooms and typically takes around 30 minutes. Toenail bracing is a painless procedure that requires no anaesthesia or recovery period.Ā 

There is a possibility of an ingrown or mishappen toenail recurring after bracing. While the brace keeps the toenail intact, the initial factors that led to the condition, such as continued external pressure or accidental trauma, can still cause it to happen again. We will provide you with guidelines on how to prevent recurrences as best as possible.Ā 

By addressing your concerns and offering toenail bracing, we strive to alleviate your pain, promote healing, and minimise the chances of complications, enabling you to regain your comfort and mobility.

Toenail bracing may break the cycle of pain and inflammation to encourage growth and relief.

Toenail Bracing Benefits

Nail bracing offers numerous benefits for individuals with ingrown or over-curved toenails, particularly for those who prefer a conservative approach. It is a viable alternative to nail surgery or laser fungal nail treatment, especially for chronic ingrown, impacted, and painful nails.Ā 

Some advantages of ingrown toenail bracing include:

  • Bracing is a non-invasive treatment method.
  • There is no need to drastically change your footwear following the bracing procedure. The brace helps prevent constant re-injury, allowing you to continue wearing your usual shoes.
  • In many cases, toenail bracing provides fast relief from symptoms, including pain and discomfort.
  • Nail bracing is safe for children and individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes and peripheral arterial disease, making it a viable option for a wide range of patients.
  • Unlike nail surgery, there is no recovery period required after toenail bracing. You can carry on with your regular activities, including work, school, and sports.
  • Nail bracing offers long-lasting relief by allowing the nail and underlying tissues to heal properly while weight-bearing.
  • The bracing process is painless, and wearing the brace is comfortable, providing an overall positive experience for patients.

Nail Bracing FAQs

Why Visit Foot Health Clinic For Nail Bracing?

Nail bracing can be a highly advantageous treatment option, but it is not available at all podiatry clinics. At the Foot Health Clinic, we can support you with your podiatry requirements, including undertaking the nail bracing procedure to custom custom made orthoticsĀ if it is suitable for your needs.

Comprehensive Treatment

We will deliver high-quality care and guidance alongside providing nail bracing to maximise the benefits braces may provide.

Appointment Availability

We have a great team of podiatrists who are experienced and dedicated to our patients, which means we can arrange appointments promptly to see you as soon as possible.

Extensive Experience in Nail Bracing

Our podiatrists are trained and highly competent in delivering nail bracing for a range of nail and skin conditions.

Change The Direction of Your Nail Health With Nail Bracing

Utilising nail braces may make a significant difference to the health of your toenails and skin, which can impact your overall health and well-being. If you are having trouble with a lingering nail condition that is not letting your skin heal, contact our friendly team to organise an initial consultation to find out if nail bracing is suitable for you.


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