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ENGO Patches  are self-adhesive high-tech stickers that have a very low friction surface that is able to eliminate shear and therefore blisters. The patches are applied to the shoe rather than the skin, so it takes sweaty skin out of the equation. ENGO patches are very durable, lasting for 500kms of wear. They are super-thin and do not affect shoe fit. ENGO patches are very effective and are guaranteed to work, or your money back! $7.20 per patch.

1. Select the patch that is right for you

Choose the right patch for you, based on the area where you have a blister and the size of the blister. A good rule of thumb is to select a patch that is slightly larger than troubled area or blister.

2. Partially Peel Off the Patch

Remove half of the patch from the backing, using the backing to create a tab. Use tab for handling patch.

3. Stick the ENGO Patch in Your Shoe

Apply adhesive side of the ENGO patch to the desired location of clean, dry footwear or brace. If blisters form at interface of footwear & insole, use two patches. Place one patch in your shoe and the other on the insole.

Tip: ENGO may last longer when anchored to a surface. For example, wrapping patches around the edge/sides of the insole.

4. Press Patch Down Firmly

Press firmly around entire patch surface to secure. For extra strong adhesion, use a hairdryer to warm up the adhesive.

5. Store Your Remaining Patches

To protect remaining patched and preserve their quality, store your unused patches in the original ENGO packaging.

Enjoy blister-free running, walking, hiking, sports, and exercising!

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