Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful, debilitating condition caused by irritation of the tarsal nerve that travels on the inside of the ankle, behind the ankle bone.

A similar condition to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a condition affecting the wrist, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is usually caused by excessive stretch on the tarsal nerve, and is often associated with flat feet.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can cause many types of foot pain, including burning pain, shooting pain, sharp pain, tingling, numbness and aching. It can also cause pain in the heel, ankle, bottom of the foot and even the toes.

It is important to see your Podiatrist if you suspect you suffer from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, as correct diagnosis can require a physical and biomechanical examination, advanced diagnostic imaging and nerve conduction studies to help determine its specific causes.


What are the Treatment Options for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Your treatment will depend on your individual contributing factors, and your podiatrist may recommend:

  • anti-inflammatory medications or injections
  • footwear changes
  • prescription orthotics – Prescription orthotics are one of the one of the most important means of treating Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome because they can be prescribed specifically to alleviate tension and compression on the tarsal nerve.
  • THOR Low Level Light Laser Therapy
  • Foot Mobilisation Technique (FMT)
  • Footwear Advice
  • Exercise Program to improve flexibility and strength

In cases where conservative treatment fails, surgical decompression of the tarsal nerve may be required, however this should always be treated as a last resort.

If you think you may suffer from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, contact us.


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