What are some of the signs of balance or coordination problems in children?

Many children have difficulties with balance or coordination problems due to a wide variety of reasons.  Some of the signs that parents might notice that may be indicative of a problem include:

  • Your child falls easily or trips often, you might even describe their movements as ‘clumsy;
  • Bumps into things or knocks things over easily;
  • Finds it difficult to ‘recover’ quickly from being off balance;
  • They may have an ‘awkward’ walking or running style, or move stiffly without natural flow;
  • They might avoid sports or physical exercise, especially those involving running;
  • They may be overly cautious or fearful of exploring playground equipment or walking on stairs (especially in a group);
  • In some cases they might be a little slower in mastering developmental milestones or physical skills (eg: crawling, walking, bike riding, skipping, swimming, catching a ball).

What should I do if my child has problems with balance or coordination?

If you think your child has difficulties with their balance and you are concerned that their foot posture, gait or footwear may be a contributing factor, consult with our experienced Podiatrists for an assessment and professional advice.



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