What is your child’s Foot Posture Index?

Foot Posture in Kids

Our podiatrists in Brisbane Northside, often see young children brought in by parents with concerns about ‘flat feet’. This is a common condition, with some children requiring treatment, and some simply requiring reassurance and monitoring. Our highly-trained Podiatrists use a number of novel clinical assessment tools to help objectively evaluate foot posture in children.

The Foot Posture Index (or FPI) is an incredibly useful clinical tool that we use to rate children’s foot posture, using a set criteria and a simple scale. A number of recent research studies have concluded that the Foot Posture Index is a reliable and valid tool when used in the assessment of children’s feet.

When the Foot Posture Index is used in conjunction with a gait assessment and tests of joint flexibility, strength, balance and coordination it can help Podiatrists decide on the best type of footwear for your child and whether orthotic therapy is required. Additionally, the Foot Posture Index can be used to detect changes in a child’s foot posture over time and help predict injury potential, especially in children with hypermobility disorders (overly-flexible joints).

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