Footwear for Kids

Choosing the best shoes

Children spend more time in school and sports shoes than any other type of footwear, so choosing the best shoes for your child’s rapidly growing feet is of vital importance. 

We lay the foundations for our feet in our childhood and neglect of children’s feet during the early years of development can have serious, long-term consequences for foot health as well as the posture and function of the legs, hips and back.

Improper shoes can contribute to the development of growth plate inflammation, heel and arch strain, foot or toe deformity, leg and foot muscle fatigue, sports injuries and bunions. Parents sometime underestimate how poor footwear choices in childhood can have significant adverse effects on children’s quality of life measures both during childhood as well as later in adult life.

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Keep your children’s feet happy and healthy

Children’s feet are not the same as adult feet.  Children are very active and their feet have softer, more vulnerable bones that are growing rapidly.  Poor footwear can prevent natural growth, cause pain and lead to long-term problems.

Keep your children’s feet happy and healthy by ensuring you choose the best shoes for their feet.

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