Travel and your Feet


Foot Pain can ruin your holiday

Each year, many people are looking forward to a well-deserved holiday in another part of the world.
Whether you are planning to climb a mountain, shop till you drop in Hong Kong or explore a beautiful European city, travelling can take a toll on your feet, and an injury can ruin your entire holiday! Take the time to ensure you and your feet are fully prepared for your getaway by following these simple travel tips.

Before you go

If you are planning an active holiday, start training now. If you plan to do a lot of walking, begin a regular walking program wearing the shoes you plan to travel in. Do not take new shoes that have never been worn, and make sure you have plenty of high-quality travel socks (such as those made by Injinji) to prevent blisters and tinea. If you have an existing foot problem or pain, see your podiatrist well in advance of your trip.


Seeing the Sights

Use your itinerary and planned activities to work out what type of shoes you need for your trip. Wear comfortable, supportive walking or outdoor shoes with proper arch support and good shock absorption. To avoid tinea infections, take thongs to wear in public bathrooms, dry between your toes after showering, wear clean socks every day and air out your shoes over night.

With a simple, good foot health routine before and during your holiday, your feet will last the distance and carry you across the cobblestones of Europe and through the ruins of Pompeii.

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