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Our Sock Range at Foot Health Clinic consists of the following quality socks which we recommend and stock.


Every journey starts with a single step. Wigwam’s started in 1905 when they decided to provide their personal best with every step you take. Today, Wigwam socks are proud to be on the feet of world class athletes, weekend warriors and you. Go out and achieve you personal best with Wigwam!

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The Injinji Toesock is a patented, 5 toe design that separates your toes with seamless, individual toe sleeves, eliminating skin on skin chafing to prevent corns and blisters from developing.

The toe sleeves are made from a blend of CoolMax® moisture wicking fibre and durable Nylon and Lycra, forming a thin, anti-friction membrane that is both light and breathable.

With a true left and right anatomical fit, the Injinji Toesock conforms to every contour of your foot, allowing unrestricted, natural movement together with stability, gripping and balance.

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Red Robin

Red Robin Circulation Socks are the sock of choice if you have circulation problems affecting your legs and feet. Circulation Socks have no elastic banding around the top, so will not compromise the flow of blood to your feet. They also feature padding to relieve pressure and protect your feet, and a flat toe seam to prevent friction against the skin.
We also stock Red Robin school socks in Samford school colours.



For those with feet prone to swelling and circulation problems, we have a range of socks designed to suit your needs. Created for ultimate comfort, PhysiPod socks can be worn on all foot types.

Machine washable and fade resistant, they have been manufactured using premium quality natural cotton to ensure ultimate comfort, breathability, durability and absorbency. The sock range comes in three forms – the circulation sock, the non-slip sock and the silver sock.


Venosan Compression Stockings use graduated compression therapy to prevent and help treat venous conditions caused by blood pooling in the lower legs.

The Venosan Light Compression range is suitable for occupations requiring prolonged sitting or standing, long distance travel, pregnancy, mild venous insufficiency and mild ankle and leg oedema.

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