How Can I Decrease My Reliance on Orthotics Without Suffering Foot Pain!

Many people with foot posture problems, including bunions, require the support of custom foot orthotics or extra-supportive footwear for injury prevention and relief of foot, ankle or knee pain.

Although, they experience significant relief and are more comfortable with this extra support and improved alignment for their feet, they are also often keen to have more freedom with footwear choices.  This is especially so during Queensland’s hot, humid summer months when sandals, thongs or bare feet are the preferred footwear choice of most. 

What are the options for people who have foot posture problems, but who also want to be able to tolerate more barefoot time (or time in fashion shoes) without also suffering a flare-up of foot pain or risk worsening their bunion deformity??  

Foot mobilization therapy, in conjunction with a targeted foot strengthening program, work well together to improve the resiliency of the foot.   If the joints of the foot are able to move freely and the foot muscles are strong and flexible, some people will be able to tolerate wearing fashion shoes or walking barefoot at times.  

Foot orthotics work very well to improve foot posture and alignment while you wear them, however, for best long term results including more freedom with footwear choices, putting some effort into improving foot flexibility and foot strength is a must.

Our Podiatrists Samford can help you strengthen your feet with targeted foot exercises, improve flexilibility and ease of movement with foot mobilization therapy and reduce tight knotted foot and leg muscles with acupuncture and physical therapy.  

Talk to our Podiatrists about ways you can get your feet fit, strong and healthy!

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