Christmas Party Preparations for Your Feet!

Christmas is just around the corner and the party dates are already filling up our diaries.

You may have thought about what you are wearing but have you thought about how to prepare your feet for a fabulous night getting down on the dance floor ?   These are our Podiatrists top tips for preparing your feet for the challenge of the silly season. 

  1.  Xmas Party Toe Nail Polish
    • If you are planning to paint your toenails during the silly season, we suggest you choose a medical polish like Dr’s. Remedy Enriched Nail Polish - as it is infused with a blend of organic antifungal essential oils (tea tree oil, lavendar, garlic blub extract) with no harsh chemicals like most nail polishes.  It is the best and healthiest alternative to traditional nail polish and it looks great!
  1. Avoid Nail Spa Pedicures
    • Some party-goers love to treat themselves to a nail spa pedicure during the holidays, but be careful you are not also treating yourself to an unsightly fungal toenail infection at the same time.
    • Fungal nail infections, tinea and warts are contagious and easily spread if hygiene standards are not adhered to.
  1. Moisturise and Pumice your heels
    • If you are dressing up in your best party frock and summer shoes, you probably don’t want to be bringing attention to unsightly, dry cracked heels.
    • The best way to avoid your heels cracking is to use a FIUME Chiropody Sponge. The chiropody sponge is a natural product made from sand and when used on moist heels in the shower helps to remove dry, thick skin.
    • After using the FIUME sponge deeply moisturizing your heels with Walker’s Pedi-Crème, infused with urea to help soften callus.
  1. Strong Feet for Partying
  • If you plan on letting your hair down at the work xmas party, dancing till dawn, you’ll need strong and resilient feet to cope with the demands of the party season.
  • Start a few weeks before the xmas party and do a daily foot exercise routine of calf raises followed by calf stretches.
  • Roll your arch across a massage ball or Pediroller to relieve any tension in your plantar fascia.
  • Practice a disco-dance routine after dinner every night, mastering a few new moves and strengthening your dance muscles.


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