Foot Core Stability – Building a Strong Foundation

Most people understand that to avoid injuries and perform well in any sport or exercise activity you need good ‘core stability’. 

However, many people fail to realize that a strong core is of limited benefit, without a strong foundation. 

Strong feet are the foundation for smooth, efficient gait, providing a stable and well-balanced base for all movements.  Our foot muscles help to support the arch, keep our toes aligned and help us to maintain balance on one leg.  These small stabilizing foot muscles are called the ‘foot core’.

So, what happens if you have a weak ‘foot core’? Lack of adequate foot muscle strength can contribute to the soft tissues beneath our feet (e.g. the plantar fascia) becoming overloaded, strained and eventually injured.  Of course, everything is connected and an unstable ‘foot core’ can also lead to ankle and knee pain.

So, if you are struggling with foot pain or injury, strengthening the core foot muscles is key, but is often overlooked.   Remember, that to perform well in sport and avoid injuries it is important to spend some time building a strong foundation.  Our Podiatrists Samford can help you quickly improve your ‘foot core’ by designing a foot strengthening exercise program to help relieve pain and improve balance and stability.

If your feet move well, you move well!

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