Hiking The Main Range, Pleasure and Pain

Our intrepid explorer Oliver Fawcett recently did a three day back country hike with some Samford locals in the Main Range National Park.

It was a truly magnificent trip with its fair share of pleasure and pain.

Our intrepid explorer Oliver Fawcett did a three day back country hike with some Samford locals in the Main Range National Park. It was a truly magnificent trip with its fair share of pleasure and pain.

The protagonists:

Chris Bligh: Local architect, bush walker, and all round good guy Chris has hiked the Main Range before and was our trusted guide. Chris displayed a steady guiding force throughout the hike and had an unerring confidence in the groups ability to perform through unyielding terrain.

Johnno: Son of the aforementioned architect Jonathan provided a combination of warmth through his love of burning the Australian bush and unmatched energy and enthusiasm. He also managed to consume his own body weight in chocolate based treats over the course of the walk.

Andrew Scott: Andrew Scott delivered all crucial technology infrastructure for the trip including a wood burning stove that charges your phone. We had to stop Andrew from fossicking for gold at times, which is his natural state.

Oliver Fawcett: I was making up the numbers as the team Podiatrist and rearguard a very important position at the very back of the group, sometimes I would maintain the rear guard position a good 200-300 meters back which shows just how dedicated I was to this task.

Dear Diary

04-08-16: Drove to Emu Vale and crossed five creeks and set up camp. It’s blowing a gale and we are in a sclerophyll forest full of gum trees dropping widow makers! Andrew has bought a high tech hammock to sleep in. I am concerned he will die under a 3 tonne gum tree branch. He seems unconcerned. It turns out that Johnno is a pyromaniac and sets a decent portion of the camp ground on fire which normally I would be anxious about, however, on this occasion I am deeply grateful as it is freezing.

05-08-16: Today is our first day of walking and after short drive across another 5 creeks or so we headed straight up a trackless scrub covered mountain. This was follow by rock hopping down to creek where we filled our water reservoirs enough for the next 11/2 days. We then pushed on to camp 2, Sentinel Point. This area allowed us to stay out of the wind and had a stunning view through the Swan Valley.

06-08-16: Walking up to Sentinel Point was somewhat of a challenge, however, now we have to get off this rocky escapement! It is a little known fact that I have a hysterical aversion to heights and free climbing down any rock face doesn’t always go well for me, but with some gentle therapy and goading from my walking mates I managed it. Today we walked through rainforest and to the summit of Mt Superbus. From there we pushed on across a razorback to camp 3. Steamer Saddle.

07-08-16: On awaking, Chris, was unfortunately suffering from consumption, so we left him to recover and pushed forward to summit Mt Steamer. We were soon joined by a flock of wedge tail eagles floating on thermal currents and hunting. We then walked across Mt Steamers ridge to discover an escarpment where you could see the Funnel and Mast.
We then back tracked to pick Chris up and drop back down to where the car was parked, a bit bruised and beaten, but all the better for it.

Gear List in no particular order:

  • Boots: Scarpa Delta
  • Advanced Blister Kit:
  • Komperdell C3 Carbon Fibre Walking Poles
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