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Well fitting shoes and socks are integral to the prevention and management of diabetic foot complications.

Foot Health Clinic offers a range of footwear designed for people with diabetes.

Dr Comfort

Designed for people with diabetes, Dr Comfort shoes and socks are available only on prescription following a comprehensive foot assessment. Available in a wide range of styles, they are suitable for people with peripheral arterial disease, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis and oedema.

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Drymax Socks have several features that work together to create a sophisticated anti-blister system:

  • a dual layer sweat removal system comprising an inner layer of terry loops which ‘squeegee’ moisture off your skin and pass it through to an outer, moisture-attracting layer
  • a seamless inner layer to prevent chafing
  • protective padding using density, rather than thickness, to protect your feet without adversely affecting the fit of your shoes
  • an instep-hugging arch band to stop your sock from bunching up and moving inside your shoe
  • five sock sizes, developed on special 3D shaped foot models for an advanced custom fit
  • a friction-free blister guard system, featuring a low friction fibre called Profilen®, in selected socks from the Drymax range

Included in the range are Drymax Diabetic Socks, designed to be non-binding, encourage circulation and not leave marks on your skin. Drymax Diabetic Socks have a soft stretch leg and protective padding at pressure points under the heel, forefoot and toes.

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Red Robin

Red Robin Circulation Socks are the sock of choice if you have circulation problems affecting your legs and feet.

Circulation Socks have no elastic banding around the top, so will not compromise the flow of blood to your feet.

They also feature padding to relieve pressure and protect your feet, and a flat toe seam to prevent friction against the skin.




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