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Why use adventure walking poles?

Walking poles are very useful for adventure walking as they:

  • Improve Stability and Safety: when the going gets slippery or uneven, poles can help you avoid falls.
  • Reduce fatigue: if walking poles are used correctly,  they will help to propel you forward,  taking the load off your legs, especially your knees and feet.
  • Recent studies have demonstrated that walking poles significantly reduce post walking muscle soreness, helping you to recover more quickly.
  • Improved exercise: walking poles engage more muscles than walking alone, providing a more even workout.

Should I use a single or pair of poles? Adventure Walking Poles

It is best to use walking poles as a pair.  By using a pair of poles it is easier to get into a natural walking rhythm.  Two poles also doubles your stability, however, one pole is still better than none.

What should the poles be made from?

The best walking poles are made of carbon fibre.  Carbon fibre is a very lightweight material, offering incredible strength and durability.  Carbon poles have the added benefit of having a natural “give” to them which allows for some shock absorption.  There are some excellent aluminum poles also available and these are slightly less expensive.

What to Buy?

The Foot Health Clinic has a range of poles from Komperdell, an Austrian hiking and ski pole manufacturer.  Komperdell  have a range of adventure hiking poles (doubles and singles) with replaceable tips, ergonomic hand grips and padded wrist straps for extra comfort and support.  Komperdell make both carbon fibre and aluminum walking poles.