This is an 85yo gentleman that recently attended Foot Health Clinic for podiatry care of his toenails.  

Due to his longstanding diabetes he is unable to reach his feet, has low vision, and poor blood circulation to his toes.  

His toenails have become increasingly thickened and friable over time, developing a secondary fungal infection resulting in the discolouration and crumbly texture to the nails.  The toenails cause him pain which is most noticeable in enclosed shoes.  He is very unsteady on his feet and the foot pain from the thickened toenails makes his feeling of unsteadiness worse, increasing his risk of falls.  He is unable to safely attend his own nail care and experiences significant improvement in the appearance and comfort of his feet after his podiatry treatments.  

We can’t avoid the ageing process but there are certainly ways to improve the healthy appearance of your toenails, minimise pain or discomfort and reduce the risk of ulcerations and infections from occurring.  

Our Podiatrists are experienced health professionals that provide expert pain-free and safe nail care for all, keeping our ageing patients active, comfortable and healthy. 

Read about why toenails thicken as we age.


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