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New Innovative Podiatry Treatments at Foot Health Clinic – At Foot Health Clinic, we are excited to introduce the latest technology in low level laser therapy.  The THOR laser is an innovative treatment modality that works on a cellular level to provide faster healing times, improved pain relief and reduction in swelling for painful musculoskeletal injuries affecting the foot, ankle, knee and leg.  

The THOR laser works by application of red and near infra red light over an injury site where the laser light is absorbed by the mitochondria in your injured cells.  The absorption of the laser light leads to reduced oxidative stress, accelerated tissue repair and an anti-inflammatory effect with rapid pain relief.

The THOR laser is very effective in the treatment of:

THOR laser therapy – safe, painless, effective with no side effects and quicker healing times.

If foot or leg pain is keeping you from the activities you love to do, see our experienced Podiatrist’s – we can help you get back on your feet faster!