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Our Podiatrist, Megan Clarkson, will be conducting ‘Diabetes Foot Checks” throughout the month of July Diabetes
to celebrate National Diabetes Week (10-16 July 2016).

During the month of July, ‘Diabetes Foot Checks’ will be bulk-billed (ie. no out of pocket expenses) for anyone who has a current Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral from their doctor. You will need to check with your doctor for eligibility and to request a referral.

A ‘Diabetes Foot Check’ involves a diabetic foot risk assessment and includes an assessment of your blood circulation and nerve supply in your feet and legs, in addition to a footwear check. Megan will be able to discuss your risk of diabetic foot complications and what steps you can take to prevent foot problems and keep your feet safe.

A diabetic foot check-up should be done at least once each year.
If you would like to have a bulk-billed Diabetes Foot Check, book in this July with our podiatrist Megan.