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About Us – Foot Health Clinic is a leading provider of family and sports podiatry. Looking for a podiatrist based in North Brisbane? For further information Contact us

We offer a complete range of podiatry services, including ingrown toenail bracing,  Orthema CAD/CAM custom foot orthotics, musculoskeletal podiatry and a range of footwear by leading brands, sports podiatry and a range of footwear by leading brands, with a special emphasis on orthotic-friendly shoes.

Our areas of expertise include diabetes and amputation prevention, ingrown toenails, orthotic therapy for sports and overuse injuries and children’s foot problems.

Why Choose Us for your Foot and Ankle Care?

Our Podiatrists are University trained experts with advanced education, training and more than two decades of experience in their chosen field.
Our staff are known for their excellence and are well respected by both patients and the medical community.

We Rely on Evidence-Based Medicine for the Best Results

Evidence-based medicine is the application of evidence gained from research to the treatment of patients. When treatment is based on the best and most recent studies, more effective relief of foot and ankle problems can be achieved.

Our Podiatrists regularly evaluate the latest and most pertinent research and rely on evidence-based medicine to ensure their patients receive the best possible care.

We Are Orthotic Experts and Educators

Oliver Fawcett has vast experience in orthotic therapy, and has tutored final year podiatry students in orthotic manufacture at QUT. He has a keen interest in lower limb biomechanics, gait analyis and the use of orthotics to treat over-pronated, hypermobile feet and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (also known as adult acquired flat foot or collapsed arches). They are among the nation’s most informed and experienced in the use of advanced foot orthotic therapies to treat problems that are too often treated surgically when there are less-invasive options available.

We are experts in Diabetic foot care

Over the course of her career, Kim Edwards has developed a special interest in high-risk foot care, diabetes and amputation prevention. In 2011, Kim attended the Global Diabetic Foot Conference in Los Angeles and completed a clinical placement at the world renowned Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) in Tuscon, Arizona.

We offer expert surgical care for ingrown toenails, but surgery should the last resort

We believe in doing what’s best for your unique situation and that rarely begins with surgery. We take a more conservative approach to treatment and only once we’ve exhausted all non-surgical treatment options will we pursue a surgical approach. Oliver Fawcett travelled to Erlangen, Germany in 2006 to study orthonyxia, or ingrown toenail bracing, at the Institute for Orthonyxia. He introduced the practice to Australia, and now conducts private training for other podiatrists in the application of toenail braces.

We Are Specialists in Heel Pain Relief

Our clinic treats Heel pain – acute and chronic. Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. We treat this with expertise as well as other causes of heel pain such as Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, stress injuries and more.

We Work Hard to Keep Your Medical Costs Low

While finding the best solution for your problem is our primary concern, we always pay attention to the cost of care. We will always discuss your treatment options and the cost with you before starting any form of treatment to ensure we have your informed consent before continuing.

We Respect Your Time

We want to ensure that you are seen on time and rarely have to wait. We schedule appointments and do not overbook. To help our goals of seeing each patient at their appointed time we ask that you complete your health information on our patient portal prior to your appointment. We also ask that you show up on time for your appointment.