it’s not normal for kids to complain of foot, leg or knee pain

  1. Pain or Limping
    • It is never normal for a child to have foot, knee or leg pain. If pain lasts for more than few days, have it checked.
  1. Your child can’t keep up with their peers in sport.
    • If your child has difficulties keeping up with their peers in sports, it may be because feet or leg muscles are fatigued, a common problem in kids with overly flexible, flat feet.
  1. Tripping, Falling, Clumsiness or Toe-walking.
    • The feet should provide a stable base of support for children - having a stable base helps young children to develop important gross motor skills (eg. hop, skip and jump).
  1. Abnormal Foot Posture or an awkward gait.
    • If your pre-schooler has not developed an arch by the age of 3 years, it’s time for a check-up.
    • Asymmetrical foot posture can be a sign of other problems like a limb length discrepancy or even scoliosis.
  1. Abnormal shoe wear patterns
    • Wearing the sole of the shoes out unevenly or abnormally may indicate a foot posture problem.

What should I do if I think my child might have a foot problem?

Remember, it’s not normal for kids to complain of foot, leg or knee pain.

If your child complains of pain in their feet or legs, fatigues easily with moderate exercise, is not keen on participating in sport or asks to be carried (or sit in the pram) more than other kids or you have any other concerns about their foot posture or gait, contact us for a foot health check-up!


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